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Top Tips For Owning A Cat

One thing that stands out about the human race is that we keep pets, and it is not just a case of looking after them, in most cases we treat and love them more than we do our own family members and friends. Some people like small cuddly animals, others like those with a little bit of independence but still show their love, while others may want to keep reptiles and dangerous animals. One of the most kept pets in this country are cats, so below you will find some tips on owning a cat.

How to choose a cat

Remember that when owning a cat it may live up to 20 years in some cases, although 12-15 is usually the norm. If you have young kids then it is usually best to opt for a kitten so they can both grow up together. If the owner is elderly then an older more settled cat is always the best option.

Indoor or Outdoor

Owning a cat is a big responsibility and although you can keep them as house cats only, they do prefer to at least have a garden to wander around as it is more of a natural environment for them. Some cats do not make good house cats, you are better going for a small and timid breed for indoors.


Your cat should be fed twice a day, but do not give it any human food off a plate unless it has been specifically cooked for the cat. You should give it dry food for one meal and wet food for the other. Never give a cat dry food only it can cause digestive problems. Always make sure the cat has clean water. When owning a cat you need to make sure it gets the correct nutrition, vitamins and minerals to prevent health problems, so do not buy the cheapest food.



Cats are excellent at cleaning themselves, so you never need to bathe them.


Depending on whether your cat has short or long hair will decide how much grooming it requires. All cats will need combing to prevent them getting matted fur, but the long haired breeds may need a haircut every few months.

Cat Proof Home

Cats are inquisitive animals, especially when they are kittens so treat the house as though you will be getting a crawling baby and keep anything poisonous locked up, things that can be swallowed should be hidden, and any wiring needs to be kept out of reach.

The Vet

As soon as you get a new cat you need to visit the vet to have it checked over. Having it micro chipped does not cost much and will save you a lot of worry if it ever goes missing as anyone who finds it will be able to locate you. Depending on the sex of your cat will depend on whether it needs to be ‘done’ to prevent it breeding. Cats should always be vaccinated when they are kittens, leaving it till they are older, or ignoring them altogether could see your beloved pet die early.